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Shelves that leave you speechless. Reimagine books and objects with Verba Shelf, the wall shelf by WOOW. The essential and original design of a curved element acts as a base for the actual support, transforming the shelf into a versatile support that completes study, work and living corners. The base in FSC multilayer beech wood combines with the flat surface in Abet multilayer laminate, making Verba Shelf a symbol of sustainability - as much in matter as in functionality.

Verba Shelf, the wall shelf by WOOW

  • Shelf with an original design, curved and essential
  • Shelf to complete study, work and living corners
  • Base made of FSC multilayer beech wood
  • Flat surfaces made of Abet laminated plywood
  • Shelf with wall mounting and practical instructions
  • Finishes with Akzonobel® Naturtrend solvent oil
Width 100 cm
Height 15 cm
Depth 20 cm
Product weight 3,8kg
Maximum load 15kg


The shelf is made of multilayer beech and the flat surfaces are in laminated plywood. The curved support structure is made of multilayered beech, the desk top of multilayered beech with Abet laminate. The shelf must be fixed to the wall, see installation instructions. Wooden parts are of FSC-certified origin. Wooden parts are finished with Akzonobel® Naturtrend solvent-based oil.


Suitable for domestic use. This shelf is not intended for outdoor use; rain or sun would deteriorate it. It is recommended that the product be used only for its intended purpose. Sedilcurvi s.r.l. / WOOW Family declines all responsibility for damage caused to property or persons by improper use of the product. Do not use as a stepladder.


To clean wooden surfaces, we recommend using a soft, damp cloth with a mild, neutral detergent. Allow to dry afterwards. Do not use acidic, abrasive or solvent products. Please consult your dealer for further information. If stains are difficult to remove, please contact a specialist company. Disposal: If possible, take the product apart and dispose of it by an authorised recycling company.

  • SKU: VEMEN-100020-LAMI0413-0000

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