Wood Over Other Wood

The timeless inspiration of wood is the essence of WOOW - Wood Over Other Wood. Our range of curved wood objects envisions a dynamic and ergonomic outlook for your balance as well as that of those around you, from seating to multifunctional design elements, throughout the day.

The creativity within a family,
a path that reinvents itself among wood, history and future.


100% sustainable, a circularity of form and character

The energy of sustainability, which goes the extra mile and innovates every day. Far beyond simple multilayer wood or curved woodwork, choosing wood as a raw material expresses the organic inspiration of the project. Vegan-based paints and oils bring out the inner characteristics of the products, which are 100% circular.

A matter of ergonomics

Well-being and all-round comfort, for body and mind. Each need has its corresponding scientific solution, especially when it comes to ergonomics and the objects we interact with. The seats and designs developed by WOOW seek to address the main physical problems, thanks to micro-movements, structures and lines that are able to give a continuous and progressive benefit to individuals.