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Defy roundness by rocking to your own rhythm. Rodeo is the circular stool that embodies WOOW's identity, with its round shape and its continuous search for balance. The unique design of this seating makes it a swinging, ergonomic station dedicated to improving posture in an unconventional way. Its circularity is also reflected in the selection of materials for the frame, which is created from FSC multilayer beech wood using 3D Plywood technology, as well as in the accessory seating made of foam rubber and pure new wool. Rodeo intends to inhabit your home space with steadiness: the slip-resistant rubber profile limits its tilt and, above all, ensures that it can rock without rolling into distant ranches.

Rodeo, the circular stool with a WOOW identity

  • Sustainable design with an original circular shape
  • Ergonomic, oscillating seating
  • Designed to improve balance and posture while having fun
  • Main structure made of FSC multilayer beech wood using 3D plywood technology
  • Accessory seating part with foam rubber and pure new wool covering
  • Anti-slip rubber profile on the underside for limiting the incline
  • Finished with Naturtrend solvent oil from Akzonobel®
Width 53 cm
Base 34 cm
Sitting 29 cm
Product weight 3,0kg


Stool made of multilayer beech with 3D plywood technology. The structure is equipped with a slip resistant rubber profile in the lower part in order to limit the tilt angle. The upholstered SEATING part is an accessory, consisting of plywood, foam rubber and pure new wool. The wooden parts and the wool are made in Italy, FSC-certified wood. The wooden parts are finished with Akzonobel® Naturtrend solvent-based oil.


Suitable for domestic environments. This seat is not intended for outdoor use; rain or sun would deteriorate it. It is recommended that the product is only used for its intended purpose. The seat is not stackable. Sedilcurvi s.r.l. / WOOW Family declines all responsibility for damage caused to property or persons by improper use of the product. Do not use as a stepladder.


To clean wooden surfaces, we recommend using a soft, damp cloth with a mild, neutral detergent. Allow to dry afterwards. Do not use acidic, abrasive or solvent products. Please consult your dealer for further information. If stains are difficult to remove, please contact a specialist company. Disposal: If possible, take the product apart and dispose of it by an authorised recycling company.

  • SKU: RODEO-053034-PLNV0142-0000

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