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A multifunctional curved board with an ecological and gentle soul. The design of Balance Soft becomes curved to embrace and enhance the entire identity of WOOW collection, designed to balance body and mind. The table starts out as a simple curved piece of multilayer beech wood, from FSC-certified forests, and then gently swings towards new uses. The green spirit of Balance Soft harmonises well with its potential uses, whether you want to stay in shape, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation or let your children's playful imagination run wild.

Balance Soft, an original balance board by WOOW

  • Ergonomic, multifunctional curved board
  • Original design, ideal for fitness and fun
  • Curved board to improve balance
  • Board made of FSC multilayered beech wood
  • Application of non-slip cork sheets
  • Finished with Akzonobel® Naturtrend solvent oil
Details Small Medium Large
Height 9 cm 14 cm 25 cm
Width 66 cm 84 cm 112 cm
Depth 30 cm 33 cm 36 cm
Product weight 2,4kg 3,3kg 5,0kg


Family of curved boards made of multilayered beech. The wooden parts are of FSC-certified origin. Wooden parts are finished with Akzonobel® Naturtrend solvent-based oil. An anti-slip cork sheet is glued on where required.


Suitable for domestic use. This item is not intended for outdoor use; rain or sunshine will deteriorate it. It is recommended to use the product only for its intended purpose. Sedilcurvi s.r.l. / WOOW Family declines all responsibility for damage caused to property or persons by improper use of the product.


To clean wooden surfaces, we recommend using a soft, damp cloth with a mild, neutral detergent. Allow to dry afterwards. Do not use acidic, abrasive or solvent products. Please consult your dealer for further information. If stains are difficult to remove, please contact a specialist company. Disposal: If possible, take the product apart and dispose of it by an authorised recycling company.

  • SKU: BASOF-066030-00000000-0000

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